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Let go in Caldera Beauty

"Kalestesia Suites"- takes its name from the Greek word "καλαισθησία" - The ability to appreciate beauty.

The ultimate 360 degree balance of sky, sea, architecture and volcanic earth, Kalestesia Suites is a boutique hotel that offers the absolute view with minimal architecture.

The Aegean volcanic landscape of Santorini set in the colours of the sky and the sea for your stay.

Kalestesia Suites is on the southeastern tip of Santorini island, near Akrotiri village.

A family-run business in keeping with luxury standards we work alongside the maximalist beauty of this landscape to create an impeccable accommodation experience in our luxurious suites. Our mission is to make you feel at home, yet with all the privileges of staying at a Santorini boutique hotel and the rare 360 degree sensibility of view.

Local produce, farm-to-table gastronomy, well-being experiences, a pool where you can unwind and take in the beauty of this magical location in the world...

Let go in Caldera Beauty


Santorini’s volcanic energy has much to offer to body, mind and soul. If you are not into the hustle and bustle of the mainland of Santorini, there is much to explore in Akrotiri, from visiting the ancient ruins, winetasting to dipping your feet into the waters of one of the most beautiful beaches of the island: Vlychada beach. Home to many local wineries, booking one or more wine-tasting sessions will further draw you into the Santorinian culture of culinary delight. With such sophisticated options for wine it would not come as a surprise that Santorini’s restaurants have grown gastronomically to an astounding degree. We will be more than happy to fill you in on anything that might be of interest to you.
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"Kalestesia Suites" is located near Akrotiri, 5 minutes away by car.

Akrotiri village is near the southeastern tip of the island, away from the tourist crowds of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, yet only a 20 to 40 minute drive to the other edge of the island. Its quiet location allows you to enjoy the authentic Santorini experience: the world-famous views of the Caldera, its sleepy volcano and the surrounding magical Aegean landscape.
The most important archaeological site of Santorini is also located in Akrotiri: ancient ruins from a unique prehistoric city saved thanks to the volcano’s eruption. Another way to witness the volcanic magic of the island nearby Kalestesia suites is a visit to the Red Beach, featuring deep blue waters crashing on red sand.

How to find us

Who knows what will bring you to Santorini? You may arrive by plane, boat or simply by the wind of your desire to experience true Aegean beauty.
Take in the air. Smell the salty waves at one with the powerful red setting of the island embellished with an array of white and colourful houses. The volcano’s energy continuously feeds Santorini with its mystical energy.
If the sea brings you to this island, from the port, Kalestesia Suites is 8 kilometres away – you will be with us in approximately 13 minutes.
If the sky is your choice, the airport is 12 kilometres away from Kalestesia suites, approximately 20 minutes by car.
Please do not hesitate to contact us prior your arrival to the island.
We can help with arranging your transportation to and from Kalestesia suites or give you detailed directions on how to get here by bus, taxi, or your own means of transport.

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